In many cases, a regular camper trailer costs a lot of money and isn’t very compact. If you love travelling alone or with another person, it’d be best to have a teardrop trailer camper instead. With these amazing free teardrop trailer camper plans, you can build one at home and make it as exciting as it could be. And don’t forget, teardrop trailer camper costs a lot less than a regular trailer.

Here are some basic things about building a DIY teardrop trailer

Before you get to the teardrop trailer camper plans, let’s get to know its general structure first. A teardrop trailer camp has sleeping space, a galley kitchen on the back, and small cabinets inside the trailer. If you build a DIY teardrop trailer, you can also make an additional sleeping space for one more person.

Because of its smaller rooms and facilities, a teardrop trailer has less weight. Adding to it is its lightweight material, which means a pickup, an SUV, or even a city car can carry it around.

Teardrop trailer camper plans are also very easy to follow

If you think that building a teardrop trailer camper is difficult, don’t! It’s very easy to make with the proper tools and common materials you can either buy or scrap around.


  • First, make the DIY teardrop trailer’s base


The base of a teardrop trailer usually has a length of 1.5 x 2.5 metres. Then, add birch and poplar plywood planks for the floor, packed with insulation to maintain the occupants’ warmth.


  • Then, start building the side walls


You’ll make two layers of a wall for both sides. The inner layer is holed for wiring and reducing the weight, then attached to the trailer with glue and a tongue and groove technique. Meanwhile, the outer layer covers the holes while leaving the door hole.


  • Once you do, make the kitchen galley


The kitchen galley design follows your teardrop trailer camper plans. But don’t forget to add wiring to the cabinets. And while you’re at it, build the other cabinets inside the trailer with wirings as well.


  • Finally, finish the whole structure


Add another insulator to the ceiling to control the warmth. Then, apply the outer layer to the last part of the teardrop trailer. And finally, finish your DIY teardrop trailer with your style!

Easy, isn’t it? Plus, these free teardrop trailer camper plans will inspire you to build the most eye-catching mini trailer on the road!