A teardrop” trailer is a little camper. A teardrop trailer is a little lightweight camping trailer that can readily be towed behind any vehicle. If it seems too small for your needs, you can also order plans for building almost any style of RV or camper. If you’re thinking about building a teardrop trailer a fantastic website to visit is www.mikenchell.com.

In addition, teardrop trailers are excellent for winter camping! They are quite light and can be towed by almost any kind of vehicle. Plus if you create your homebuilt teardrop trailer light enough, you’re able to tow it with a vehicle or small truck, and that means you don’t pay the fuel costs of hauling a huge RV.

Because it doesn’t feel like you’re hauling a trailer, it is simple to forget it is there. It’s referred to as a teardrop trailer. Most teardrop trailers today are constructed by their owners.

Wow, it was beginning to resemble a teardrop trailer! A teardrop trailer is the best 2-person RV that will allow you to sleep comfortably on a standard mattress, off the floor and protected from the elements. Basically it is considered a step up from tent camping. The teardrop camper trailer was constructed and made to be pulled behind a motorcycle.