Having a small kitchen may discourage some people to decorate it better. Aside from its lack of space, there is not much to place in it. The only way to do a small kitchen remodel is to create an illusion that it looks bigger than it really is.

To have a small kitchen remodel, one way to create such an illusion is the appropriate lighting. Add that with another strategy, which is to have some glass elements. No matter how compact your kitchen is, there is always a way to make it look more inviting and fashionable.

The brighter it is, the bigger the kitchen looks. That is also supported by the tone or colors of the furniture. White is the most common option to paint the kitchen walls, along with beige and crimson kitchen countertop and cabinets. Besides having enough light indoors, having an open window facing this kitchen makes it even better.

What if you still want darker-colored cabinets? Then combine them with the right color-grading. For example, the kitchen cabinet is dark brown, but the wall is light crimson or beige. The kitchen countertop is white.

A kitchen island or no kitchen island? To have a small kitchen remodel, sometimes you need to consider this. For example, your house or apartment is also small. Instead of having your own dining room, you prefer having a kitchen island as your dining table. It is more practical too.

Of course, to save some decent space to move around, make sure that the kitchen island is not too big. It is even better if the chairs can be placed under the table once you are done dining there.

Last but not least, try not to put too many furniture pieces in your small kitchen. The idea of a small kitchen remodel is not just a makeover, but to make the kitchen more efficient. This means your small kitchen should be more functional, even though it is not as large as you want it to be.