It is summer, and a pool party seems to be a perfect idea. But how to make it more impressive? The answer is simple, a unique pool bar. It adds extra luxury to hot summer heats, where you can enjoy the cool swimming pool and sipping cold drinks from the pool bar nearby. 

If having a minibar has always been one of your inspiration, then you should consider adding a pool bar for extra comfort and luxury. It is a wonderful idea to utilize extra space around your swimming pool, especially if you love to invite guests over. After all, what is better than chilling and relaxing by the pool with a glass of cold drink?

There are many things you can do if you want to add a pool bar. For example, you can add a simple wooden or stone deck by the side of the pool. Stone floors will make your pool bar looks sturdier and give a classic touch to it. Meanwhile, wooden pool bar will feel almost tropical. However, no matter which materials you are going to use, make sure it is non-slippery for the flooring. You don’t want people to get injured because of the slippery floor. 

Another idea is adding stools in the swimming pool for the guests to sit down. Therefore, they can get their drinks directly without them having to get out of the pool. It adds extra comfort and luxury feel, and reduce the risk of them slipped on the slippery floor. However, you still need to get non-slippery flooring with this type of pool-bar even though you add stool bar for your guests.

You may also add a kitchen and grill on your pool sidebar. It adds flexibility, especially if you love a BBQ party. Don’t forget to add a sink with running water to keep everything clean and neat. You don’t want a messy bar, particularly when guests are coming over to your pool party.

A pool bar does not only boost your comfort but will easily make anyone relax, especially during the summer heat. These comfort and luxury will guarantee to make your summer pool party impressive!