To many of us, having an attic room is only convenient to store items. It is the same way we treat our basements or garages. Do you know that you can actually do more than that? In fact, you can beautify it with plenty of attic room ideas.

An attic may have its inconveniences. For example, it is a potential place with a lot of mold growth. If that is the case, you need to hire an expert at clearing it all off. Then, you can maximize your attic for more amazing stuff at home.

If your attic is big enough, why don’t you transform it into a bedroom? It can be your own, your family member’s, or any guests staying over. Since the ceiling is not as even as a regular room, you have to be tactical with the decoration. Some of these attic room ideas might inspire you:

If you wish for a well-lit attic room, have one with a large window or skylight. You do not even need to have more lights in the room. This will help you to save electricity, especially during the summer. You only turn on the lights when it is night-time. White walls will enhance more light as the morning sunshine goes through the window.

However, some people may not feel too comfortable with so much light coming into their attic bedroom. For this, you can have a smaller window or skylight. You can also choose a darker shade for your bedroom walls. For example, a combination of dark grey and green, while the ceiling is white.

If you want your attic to be a playroom instead, make sure it is big enough. That way, you can store whatever you like in it—for example, a pool table or a karaoke machine with a stereo set.

There are many ways to maximize that part of your house. Find the best of all the attic room ideas that you can think of. After that, you go from there.