Having a personal swimming pool in your backyard seems fun, but there are some challenges to it. Aside from its costly expense, your typical pool tends to take a lot of time and effort to finish it. Because of that, above ground pool seems to be a better solution when it comes to the budget and compactness. Of course, there are many exciting above ground pool ideas that you can build yourself.

Are there other reasons to build an above ground pool?

Okay, a DIY above ground pool is cheap and compact, but how cheap can it be? To a surprise, the cheapest cost to build one is $200, while the average cost is $1653. Aside from that, it has other advantages compared to an in-ground pool.

First, it’s safer for children and pets because it’s harder for them to jump to the pool. Second, the maintenance is easier because you have less water to maintain and less power to pump away the water. And third, an above ground pool is generally warmer than an in-ground pool because it follows the temperature outside easier.

To make the above ground pool ideas even better, you can also add a deck to it. The deck is very helpful to help climb up or jump down the pool. Plus, you can add more items to it, such as a sunbathe seat or a BBQ grill. Everyone wins!

So, what should be prepared for the DIY above ground pool?

The first thing to do is to measure the pool size. An average above ground pool has the size of 9 square metre, both in rectangular and rounded forms. You can make it bigger if your backyard is large.

Then, measure the size of your pool deck. The gap between the deck and the edge of the pool should be at least 3-5 centimetre. Also, it mustn’t be attached to the pool’s perimeter.

Once you’re ready with the above ground pool ideas and designs, it’s time to buy the material. For the deck, apply anti-slip material to the surface, such as wood, rubber-based, or textured aluminium and tiles. As for the pool itself, use the usual materials as the ones used for an in-ground pool.

And finally, start building your DIY above ground pool. With creative above ground pool ideas and designs, you’ll create an exciting swimming pool on a budget. Swim away!