A travel trailer is like your second home. It has everything you need from your homes, such as a bed, kitchen, storage, and toilet, to name a few. Unfortunately, the size can’t compare to an average house, so you need to be smart with the item management. Thankfully, these camper storage hacks will help you organize the travel trailer easier with more space to spare!

But before you do, always do these 5 things to your camper travel trailer first

These DIY camper hacks can surely save plenty of space with creative ideas. And with some clever camper storage hacks, they’ll make your travel trailer interior more gorgeous as well. There are 5 basic things you should do to save more space.


  • Get rid of unnecessary items


Unless you have a large family, you don’t need too many items in the travel trailer. Also, always make sure to balance the amount of item with the length of your journey.


  • Apply “One In, One Out” principle


Every time you bring a new item, remove the other old item. This way, you can upgrade the items in the trailer without overcrowding it.


  • Designate a space for every item


Since you’re going to apply these camper storage hacks, you’ll end up with a lot of creative spaces to put items at. However, make sure that every space and storage has its designated item. 


  • Track your belongings in the trailer


Always make sure to keep track of every item inside the travel trailer. It might sound like a hassle, but it’s well worth the cause. Once you detect that some items are too many, remove them.


  • Do a regular cleaning


When you travel somewhere far away, cleaning somehow becomes overlooked. As a result, dirt trashes, and messy items are bound to give you a headache. Therefore, always do regular cleaning to ensure that none of those will happen to your trailer.

All the DIY camper hacks here will still become obsolete if you don’t improve your tidiness. That’s why you should always remember to keep the interior clean regularly. These ingenious camper storage hacks will surely help you a lot to save spaces.