A good idea is to select the wood slices and dry fit them before you get started gluing them. The wood slices are created from a number of wood slices in several sizes. A rather unique yet very interesting and creative idea, they can be made into many things and with the use of the best tools and timeless techniques, you can create a number of awesome wood slice projects for your home, office or as a souvenir. The lovely thing about creating with wood slices is the fact that it’s easy to accomplish. You’ll need several wood slices to go all of the way around the room and just put them in geometric patterns or however you would like.

If you small part of wood hollow out, you can get a distinctive vase or pot for your favourite flowers. Remember that shipping may be costly if you purchase your wood from a source that isn’t local. Scandinavian method of decorating homes wood gives a distinctive significance.

If you’re using a fresh slice of wood, you have to slowly dry out the wood. An old article of wood and a number of hooks can help you to create an attractive hanger for your favourite coffee cups. It’s difficult to tell exactly what this intriguing wood slice piece is for but it appears like it might be a bird feeder or a squirrel feeder.