Anyone loves a beautiful and carefully tended garden, but a unique addition of elements will give any garden an extra twist of fun. Instead of planting your flowers directly in the soil, you can utilize cute and colourful clay pots to add the elements of fun. These types of fun and cute clay pots usually available in the garden shop, but you can also make them yourself to add more personality to it.

One simple idea is to stack up several colourful clay pots from the biggest to the smallest and fill them with plants. If stacking them up is not unique enough, stick the bottom of the clay pots to the upper part of another clay pots, so they look like they are almost falling. Then add small plants to these clay pots, and you will have unique clay pots arrangements.

Another idea is organizing your clay pot by hanging them in the mesh fence. It is perfect to plant herbs or other smaller type of plants. Therefore, you don’t need to go to a grocery store every time you need herbs and can pick it from your own garden. Not only pretty but it is also functional too!

If you have little kids, cute character clay pots are perfect for you — stack two clay pots by attaching each end of the clay pots. Then using rope, hang another stack of clay pot on the side for the hands and on the bottom for the legs. Don’t forget to paint a face on the top clay pots for the head. You can also paint the ‘body’ so they look like they are wearing cute clothes. When the paint has dried, then you can add colourful flowers on the head part, so they look like hairs for these cute clay pot characters.

There are many more things you can do with clay pots rather than simply lining them up. Colourful and playful clay pots will not only make your garden look prettier, but also make it look like it is from the fantasy world. Anyone, especially children, will appreciate this cute twist of clay pots arrangements.