20+ Incredible Firewood Storage Can Become a Focal Point in Interior

Firewood is an important item to prepare for winter. It keeps the light of your chimney and, in turn, keeps you warm. There are a few things you will need to know when it comes to choosing and storing firewood. Firewood storage and choice is important because it will affect security and longevity. When chosen and stored properly, you can expect a stack of firewood to last an entire winter.

The first step to prepare firewood is to know whether the wood is seasoned or not. Freshly cut wood, also known as unseasoned wood contains a small amount of water that makes it hard to start a fire. The smoke produced by unseasoned wood is also unhealthy if inhaled. Seasoning the wood means cutting, drying, and allowing them to mature. Some types of softer woods, such as pine, took only about 6 months to season, while hardwoods like oak will need approximately 2 years. Seasoned wood is usually sold with a little premium over unseasoned wood, but it is worth the price.

After choosing the wood, the next thing you will need is firewood storage. Nowadays, firewood storage can also look good and blend with the architecture of your home. As seen in the pictures, you can achieve minimalistic-looking firewood storage that complements well your home. However, you also need to consider the amount of firewood you want to store and the distance from your backyard to the chimney. If you put your firewood too far from the entrance, you will find it a bit hard to bring over the firewood.

We hope that the firewood storages featured in our article will be your inspiration when you renovate your home. Enjoy!




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