Everyone, no matter how old they are, have their inner Picasso in their hearts waiting to be unleashed. Yes, painting is an activity many do as a hobby, and it has a lot of benefits for all ages. For a starter, it could sharpen a fine motor skill, improve concentration, and boost critical thinking skills. If done together with your kids, it can also strengthen your bond, as you are doing the same hobby together.

Not sure where to start? The most important thing to keep in mind is that painting means imagination. Let your kid unleash their creativity in the canvas or paper, and appreciate their effort as they paint. If they seem to be lost, guide them by giving them canvas painting ideas, such as the ones pictured in this article. Step by step guide would also help them to paint, especially if your kid is still young.

When your kids are ready, you can introduce them to various drawing styles and techniques. However, if they have already decided on a style they like, you can encourage them to pursue the style. If they like an abstract painting, for example, you can show them videos on how to draw abstract, and if they like to draw sceneries, you might want to take them to a nearby park to allow them to draw their surroundings.

To have fun, sometimes you don’t even need to buy expensive drawing supplies. You can read various tutorials on the internet that allows you to draw with anything you have, from bare hands to used toothbrushes. If you are worried about the result not being satisfying, remember that the most important thing is the process. So, are you ready to paint with your kids this weekend?