Adding a pond is a great way to enhance the overall looks of a garden. Some people may hesitate to add this element due to the limited size of the garden. However, you don’t have to have a huge garden to add a pond in it. A simple mini pond that is strategically designed and placed will enhance the look of any small garden.

If this is your first time of trying to own a pond and your garden is relatively small, then try the pre-formed pond type. This type of pond is readily available in many outdoor or garden decoration shops. It is usually made of polystyrene boxes, cement, woods, and many more. Since there are a lot of materials and shapes you can choose from, it is easy to pick one that matches the overall theme of your garden.

The pre-formed pond is typically easy to move, so you can move it around to find the right place to place it. However, note that some materials can be a lot heavier than the other, which means moving them can take a lot of effort. But it does easier to rearrange than when you are using a dugout pond instead. 

Once you know what kind of pond you are going to use and where to put it, don’t forget to add some aquatic plants. Aquatic plants will hinder the growth of algae in your pond, keeping it looks pretty and neat. Additionally, it helps in providing oxygen and can act as natural filtrations. Therefore, a pond with aquatic plants is also a great place to keep fishes too.

You may also want to add a fence to your garden to prevent critters from coming into your pond and damage the aquatic plants. Also, add water filters if possible for better water circulation for aquatic plants and fish living in your pond. This small ecosystem in your small pond will certainly make your garden look pretty and enjoyable to watch.

A pond doesn’t have to be huge, because even the smaller ones and the pre-formed type can enhance the overall look of your garden. Just make sure you pick the right material and put it in the right place.