Having a garden adds more charm to your house, but unfortunately, it requires a lot of space and hard work. If you have a small backyard, having large outdoor planters to substitute the traditional gardens seems to be a more sensible option. However, buying some will cost you a lot of money, so instead of buying them, why not making them? With these outdoor planter box designs, you’ll save money and get many gorgeous planter boxes in one go.

First, consider the shape of the large outdoor planters

Your planter box designs depend on your backyard space. The common shape is a rectangular container box with a size of 1 x 2 metres to put up to four plant boxes. But if you think you have enough space, make some tall rectangular or circular planters instead. The average height of it is 1 metre, but you can make it taller depending on the plants.

Then, use affordable materials

Small or large outdoor planters can be made of many different materials. For the usual luxurious planters, make them from a ceramic mixture, fiberglass, resin, or PVC. On the other hand, if you’re into a more outgoing and natural design, use wood material to make them. And finally, you can recycle unused drums for a way cheaper alternative.

Of course, all the planters you create can be designed to your taste. You can draw eye-catching arts to the planters, apply a more natural concrete or wooden colour, or add mosaic patterns. The varieties are limitless.

Also, don’t forget to design them well

When making a large planter, you need to make some great planter box designs that don’t forget the basic rules. First, you must puncture a small hole to the bottom of the planters. This is important, because the hole allows the soil’s water to drain, giving the roots enough air to breathe. If you don’t make a hole, the roots may become unhealthy.

Second, always make sure to leave at least 2 centimetres gap between the soil and the top surface of the planters. The gap will be used as the place for the water to spread out across the planters. If the gap is too narrow, the water and soil will spill out, making your garden dirty.

But overall, making your large outdoor planters is very easy and affordable if you make them with great planter box designs. Are you ready to start gardening?