Nothing beats your summer heat more than dipping into the pool. No, we are not talking about swimming here. This is about sitting and relaxing with cool water up to your chest under the sun. A pool in your backyard will do wonders on this. Thankfully, there are plenty of ideas for your DIY galvanized stock tank pool.

Steel barrel is one of the most common materials used for this. If the steel barrel has been used before, make sure there is no corrotion. Plus, you have to clean it well first before you decide to use it as a pool. Combine it with a wood deck design, and you get the back-to-nature look as well.

Besides filling it with cool water, you might want to place this pool under an awning or another shade. The steel also entraps heat, which makes the water warmer too during the day.

Another thing is to build stones around the pool. Aside from a decorative purpose, the neatly-carved stone around the galvanized, stock tank pool is also safe for little kids. The decent height of the pool helps them to climb into it without needing help from adults.

If you are the adult, you will probably only be dipping in up to your waist. For your alternative, you can make the tank pool wall stand a bit taller.

You can decorate the stock tank pool surroundings with plants and wooden walls for a makeshift gallery. What matters is that the pool is still filled with cool water and it will not be too hot during summer. It is well-shaded from the sun during the day. 

All in all, there are many other DIY tank pool ideas that you can think of.