15 DIY Backyard Chicken Coop Plans on a Budget

It’s very convenient if you can have a private and compact poultry farm straight in the backyard. Not to mention, it’s also a great medium for children to tend to animals and be loving. So, if you plan to build one at home instead of buying a pre-made one, follow this article. Here, there are many creative chicken coop plans with a friendly budget and easy-peasy methods for you!

To build a DIY chicken coop, you’ll need a basic woodworking skill. Do you need to have an expert woodworking skill? Absolutely not, you can make one straight away and study the skill along the way. And with the help of proper tools, you can build a great DIY chicken coop that you can be proud of.

The first thing to do is to find some space. Many different chicken coop plans have different sizes, so it’s wise to choose the one that suits your available space. However, it’s important to build it with enough space to breath. Otherwise, smaller chicken coops will only make the chickens pressured, depressed and eventually dead.

One chicken should at least have a space of 0.27 square metre, so the average size of a chicken coop is 1×1 metre or 1.5×0.75 metre. If you plan to build a smaller one, make sure to let the play outside most of the time.

Then, find the best place to build the chicken coop. You need to consider the environment surrounding the chicken coop location, too. One, make sure that it has access to sunshine as well as shade. Two, the wind should blow naturally with average breeze speed. Three, the access for humans needs to be easy as well. And fourth, the coop must not be built near your neighbour’s or your home.

The key is to monitor the location first. Make sure that all those requirements are met and maintained for at least a week.

Finally, build your chicken coop. Building a DIY chicken coop is like building a human house, so treat it with respect. Which means, several things must exist inside the coop, namely a nesting box, several windows or ventilations, feeders, and waterers. Also, it’d be great if you can give the chickens lighting, poop boards, bath box, perch area, and outdoor fenced area.

Adding to those are the creative ideas from these chicken coop plans that are budget-friendly. With all of them combined, you’re one step closer to build a dream chicken coop for yourself, the children, and the chickens. 


Chicken Coop Plans & Ideas That Are Easy To Build

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Creative Chicken Coop Ideas On A Budget

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Creative And Low Budget Diy Chicken Coop Ideas

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