Retaining wall is a highly functional construction to help resist the lateral pressure of the soil behind it. It can help you prevent soil erosion and at the same time help you with water drainage. Therefore, a retaining wall is a great addition to your garden. If you think that a highly functional construction like retaining wall always look boring, think again. 

You can create unique retaining walls to help you improve the overall appearances of your garden. Therefore, it can look as beautiful as it can be, but make sure to keep the functionality in mind. The basic process and guidelines will be the same as other wall construction process. It should strong enough to withstand the pressure considering that no matter the size, a landslide can be very destructive. The strength should still be the first consideration before moving to the next step of considering the aesthetics side.

Retaining walls don’t have to be built of stone. In fact, hardwoods are also perfect for retaining walls, but make sure that it is less than three feet in height. Using hardwoods for retaining walls higher than 3 feet may not strong enough to retain the soil pressure. If you are going to build high retaining walls, use manufactured stone or natural rock instead. Alternatively, concrete also provides extra strength in case you are going to build high retaining walls. 

For unique retaining walls, you can design them to look like planter box. The shelf-like space formed between the balcony and the retaining walls is a perfect place to plant some small green bushes. If natural rocks turn out to be too expensive, you can use shotcrete instead. This material comes in various shape and colors. But if you want them to look more natural, you can choose the clay colors or opt for the sandstone color to create stone-like color and texture. 

Practicality doesn’t have to mean boring or monotonous. Carefully planned and designed retaining walls will enhance the overall looks of your garden. Since it can take a long time and cost a lot of money to build retaining walls and create a garden landscape, make sure to look for as many references and inspiration as you can. Therefore, you can determine which design will be perfect for your garden.