Camper van may be comfortable for a long road trip. However, it has small and limited storage space, which means it can get very cramped, especially if you bring a lot of things. Don’t let this downside make your camper van less livable. There are some camper van storage ideas you can apply to make it feel more spacious without sacrificing the storage space.

The first idea is by adding collapsible or pop-up products. Due to the flexibility, these type of products can save a lot of spaces when you store them in your camper van. Some of these items are tabletop ironing boards or laundry hampers. You can also make use of drawer dividers to organize your drawer. An organized drawer will give you extra space and save you from clutter. 

Another storage idea would be hanging your items on hooks. Buy as many hooks as you need and attach them to the wall of your camper. These hooks are perfect for keeping your keys, cooking utensils, clothes, and many more. Not only saving space, but you can also locate any items easily with these hooks.

Hanging shoe rack is not for shoes only, despite the name. You can utilize them to organize your cleaning supplies, fruits or vegetables. Additionally, you can hang them behind the kitchen counter door, which means you don’t need extra space to keep these items.  It is simple yet highly effective.

Another useful storage idea is using stackable storage box. Just like its name suggests, it is stackable which means can save you a lot of space since you can stack them on top of the other. However, make sure the check your camper van diameters beforehand to make sure that you don’t get a box that is too big. 

Most important of all is do not overpack things. No matter how big or how much storage hacks you have, it will not be able to store everything if you overpack things or bring too many items for your trip. Keep it simple and bring things that you are sure going to use only.