A camper van is commonly painted in one single color. However, it certainly will lack fun and characteristic. Giving your camper van a new paint makeover will not only enhance the look but also improve your moods and creating ambience. After all, a beautiful looking place to sleep will make you feel more comfortable and calmer.   

There are a lot of paints available in-store, but try to find one that most long-lasting. The longer-lasting paint will be perfect for the exterior wall. That is because the exterior wall will more prone to fading due to weather exposure. For interior paint, try to use metallic paint instead of normal latex paint for more vivid and durable color. 

Since camper van typically has to go through different weather exposure and hard condition from driving for a long time, you may want to choose a paint that a lot more durable. It will be more expensive than the regular paint for the housing interior. However, it can adhere better and will not fade with extreme weather.

Pick the quick-drying paint if you are in a hurry and want to get the painting job done. However, don’t forget to add a second coat to make sure your camper van paint will look more vivid and last longer.

For the exterior, you can use bright colors to add characters or images such as flowers, mandala images, and so on. Patterns like this will not only add a pop of character to your camper van but is also a great trick to conceal any dent or small flaws or damages on your camper van. However, if you think that patterns will look too much for your camper van, try two-tone paint instead. It is simple, yet give your camper van a fresher look.

Choosing exterior color sometimes can be difficult, and therefore you need to think it through. Plant the pattern well and test the paint before actually apply it on your camper van to avoid mistakes. Redoing your camper van painting can be expensive and take a lot of time, so make sure you plan everything beforehand.

Adding a pattern or colorful paint will give character to your camper van. Of course, pattern painting is not for everyone, but two-colored painting will almost suitable for every personality. Not only it enhances the appearance, but will also give you an extra twist of fun to your camper van.